Monday, May 11, 2009

This Ain't The Summer Of Love

This ain't the Garden of Eden
There ain't no angels above
And things ain't what they used to be
And this ain't the summer of love

these lyrics appear in at least three unique songs by at least three different bands. as far as i can tell, they were originally written by Blue Öyster Cult in 1976. it's interesting and pretty rare to see, not just one line, but an entire verse of lyrics being quoted in more than one song.

Blue Öyster Cult - This Ain't The Summer Of Love (Agents of Fortune, 1976)

Green River - Swallow My Pride (Come On Down, 1985)(this is the superior Rehab Doll version from 1988)

Current 93 - The Summer Of Love (Looney Runes, 1990)

-- UPDATE --

it turns out BOC did not actually write these lyrics! they were at least in part written by the Imperial Dogs in 1973!

i do not have this song to compare with but it's funny how it has evolved into a massive web. many thanks to planckzoo for the information!


planckzoo said...

Imperial Dogs did this first, this is a little bit about them.

ahem said...

thanks for the info! the plot thickens!

Anonymous said...

Go to and see a b&w video of the Imperial Dogs playing "This Ain't The Summer Of Love" live at Cal State Long Beach on October 30, 1974. (This original version of the song was written by Imperial Dogs vocalist Don Waller and guitarist Paul Therrio in the summmer of 1974).