Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shakin' All Over

"Shakin' All Over" is a rock and roll song originally performed by Johnny Kidd and the Pirates. It was written by frontman Johnny Kidd and reached #1 in the United Kingdom in August 1960.

this song has been recorded countless times. here are just a few versions of it.

my personal favorite version is by The Cows. there is a certain genius to the way Shannon Selberg can make any song better seemingly without effort. "Yo girl, I love it when you make my asshole bleed" this is the CORRECT way to sing this song.

i'm going to say that the "classic" live version by The Who is probably the worst version of it ever... and that is taking into account the thousands of unknown teenage garage bands who have undoubtedly played it drunkenly to audiences of three of their friends. the Who did many many things that were great, but Shakin' All Over and Summertime Blues are not on that list. has Metallica covered this? if they have, i'm changing it to Metallica. they did it the worst by default.

Johnny Kidd and the Pirates (OG, 1960)

Brave Belt (almost identical to the original, 1970)

Agent Orange (has a nice atmosphere to it, circa 1984)

The Cows - Shakin' (the ultimate version, perfected around 89 or 90)

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