Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cease To Exist

this is a very good song written by Charles Manson. it's one of my favorite of his songs, in fact. the Beach Boys recorded the most famous version of this song, but i found some covers that were actually good and interesting too and that's why i made the post.

"Never Learn Not to Love" is a song recorded by The Beach Boys. It was released on their 1969 album 20/20. It was also released as the B-side of the "Bluebirds over the Mountain" single in 1968. On the Beach Boys album the song is credited to Dennis Wilson. The original song, titled "Cease to Exist," was written by Charles Manson.[1] Dennis Wilson, however, took the original, changed some of the lyrics, and re-wrote the music to the song. The song opens with "Cease to resist."

Charles Manson - Cease To Exist (circa 1960's)

The Beach Boys - Never Learn Not To Love (1969)

Red Kross - Cease To Exist (1982)

The Telescopes - Never Learn Not To Love You (1989)

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