Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Songs Mudhoney Taught Us

i don't care what any critic says - Mudhoney was a great band and had excellent, excellent taste in music.  a lot of the songs they covered could serve as a Best Of 80's Punk Rock list.  the rest are seemingly very specific choices that all seem to make perfect sense as influences.  two of the songs (The Rose and Baby Help Me Forget) were done in previous Mark Arm bands.

so here i've compiled the original versions of most of the songs Mudhoney covered in their long, distinguished career.

Songs Mudhoney Taught Us

1. Adolescents - Who Is Who
2. Angry Samoans - You Stupid Asshole
3. Black Flag - Fix Me
4. Blue Cheer - Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger
5. Thee Mighty Caesars - She's Just 15
6. Elvis Costello - Pump It Up
7. Roxy Music - Editions of You
8. Motörhead - Over The Top
9. Spacemen 3 - Revolution
10. Martin Rev - Baby O Baby
11. Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown
12. Sonic Youth - Hallowe'en
13. Mr. Epp and the Calculations - The Rose
14. Fang - The Money Will Roll Right In
15. Void - Dehumanized
16. The Crucifucks - You Give Me The Creeps
17. The Damned - Stab Your Back
18. The Dicks - Dicks Hate The Police
19. Green River - Baby Help Me Forget 
bonus video: original version of "The Rose" by Bette Midler

Captain America / Eugenius

Eugenius (also known as Captain America) was an indie rock band from Glasgow, Scotland that existed from 1990-1995, centred around former Vaselines singer/guitarist Eugene Kelly and featuring members of BMX Bandits and Teenage Fanclub.

fantastic early-90's rock just the way you like it.

Eugenius - Oomalama + Captain America - Flame On EP

Flame On

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Rentals - Excellent Stocking Stuffer (bootleg)

i recently recovered this bootleg, which is pretty hard to find online.  about five years ago, matt sharp put it up for download.  i listened to it a lot more than their first LP.  some of the alternate or demo versions are better than the studio versions.

if you are a fan of the rentals, weezer (back when they were good) or moog-rock/power pop in general, this is an essential listen.


Excellent Stocking Stuffer

1. So Soon -- recorded live in Amsterdam. The last show on the Blur tour, the last concert with Cherielynn Westrich.
2. Mrs. Young -- Recorded originally as a b-side for a possible 7" single with Weezer. Matt wrote most of the song and collaborated with Rivers Matt: lead vox and bass / Rivers Cuomo: most instrumentation including harmonica, guitars and drums. Recorded on Cuomo's tascam 8 track cassette machine. (All about Mrs. Young in the Tour Diary)
3. Waiting -- Live Denver radio show "The Lounge"
Matt Sharp: vox / Rod: Nylon / Jim: moog source / Cherie and Maya: female harmonies / Mike: Drums
That's Incredible! sessions.
Before the violins, before the moogs, Tom Grimley named the original group "That's Incredible!". Here are ten [in progress] recordings of what was to become their debut album. Recorded by Tom Grimley in April 1994 in Poop Alley.
Matt Sharp: vocals, lead guitar and bass / Rachel Haden: female vocals / Rod Cervera: rythm guitar / Pat Wilson: drums
4. Say Goodbye Forever [Brian Bell: main melody guitar]
5. Stupid Girl
6. Waiting
7. I Don't Want This, Babe
8. Crumblin'
9. Friends Of P.
10. Mrs. Young
11. California
12. These Days
13. The Love I'm Searching For
14. Silent Night -- Original unedited versioin. Poor quality cassette recording.
Rod Cervera: voice over / Jim Richards: moog, korg and arp synthesizers / Matt Sharp: Drums
Frisbee Days [home recordings] 1993
Before The Rentals, before That's Incredible! came the Frisbee Days 4 track home recordings in 1993. These were the original demos for the That's Incredible! album. Here are three songs that never made it all the way to Poop Alley.
15. She Looks At Me -- [written by Rachel Haden and That Dog]
16. The T.V. Is On
17. Frisbee Days
18. Please Let That Be You -- More from the The Lounge on Denver radio.
19. The Love I'm Searching For -- acoustic version live on Boston radio station WBCN.
20. Friends of P. -- acoustic version live on Washington D.C. radio WHFS
21. Friends Of P. -- Live from Amsterdam, Last Show
22. Radio Promo

for a preview, here is my favorite track...  an early demo (featuring rivers cuomo) of Please Let That Be You, here titled, Mrs Young.

The Rentals - Mrs. Young

download the whole thing

Sunday, January 17, 2010

He's A Whore

so the story goes...

Cheap Trick - He's A Whore

Big Black - He's A Whore

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Get ready for the new generation of music"

the hottest new avant-MIDI-karaoke-outsider-tronica netlabel going is here:


now featuring many recordings by the notorious Thomascow.  for a preview, listen to the "jingle of the label":

Thursday, January 14, 2010

insane progressive rock fail

ladies and gentlemen, "Step On My Face" by P205

in case you are wondering, yes it does get more insane after the first chorus.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

music links: Don't Bring Me Down

thanks to wiki for this connection.  it isn't only the bassline that is lifted but the bridge as well.

Atomic Rooster - I Can't Take No More (1970)

Electric Light Orchestra - Don't Bring Me Down (1979)

bonus excellent cover version:

Buzzov*en - Don't Bring Me Down (1998)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Raekwon vs Elton John

great sample out of goodbye yellow brick road.  isn't everyone going, "why didn't i think of this?"

music links: somebody ripping off led zep?! what?

this is a hilarious homage to Since I've Been Loving You.  hilarious because it is so brazen and specific.  this was done by the Japanese band Too Much and released a year after the Led Zeppelin song came out.

Led Zeppelin - Since I've Been Loving You (1970)

Too Much - Love That Binds Me (1971)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Who - A Quick One While He's Away (video)

this performance by The Who on the Rolling Stones' Rock and Roll Circus is easily one of the best moments in rock music history. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Best albums of 2009

only counting new, full-length albums released the past year...  and i'm not gonna narrow it down to 10 or rank them.  just in alphabetical order:

Boston Spaceships - Zero To 99
Converge - Axe To Fall
DOOM - Born Like This
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Oracles
Gorgoroth - Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt
Krallice - Dimensional Bleedthrough
Longmont Potion Castle - Volume 7
Liturgy - Renihilation
Luke Vibert - We Hear You
Luxe Ferre - Atrae Materiae Monumentum
Nargaroth - Jahreszeiten
New Boyz - Skinny Jeans & A Mic
Part Chimp - Thriller
Pelican - What We All Come To Need
Pestilence - Resurrection Macabre
Skaldic Curse - World Suicide Machine


Monday, January 4, 2010

Kanye West, voice of a generation

get ready for seventeen minutes of hell.  here is this self-described-asshole on VH1 Storytellers rambling and free-associating all kinds of insane bullshit. 

some things you will hear one of the dumbest men ever to hold a microphone say while a computer auto-tunes his voice:

- he thinks he is an "artist" and he thinks he "sings" for some reason. but far more perplexing is that he thinks he is a "real person".
- a death threat, live from the stage.
- the "microscope" metaphor over and over.
- OJ Simpson is "amazing".  no really, think about it, wasn't he?
- monkey squeaks?  what was that?
- why you shouldn't be afraid of homosexuals (but you should use the word "gay" derisively).
- that Kanye West is simply a vessel for god to literally speak through, and that he is therefore not responsible for "half" of what he says.
- and more!

Friday, January 1, 2010