Monday, January 4, 2010

Kanye West, voice of a generation

get ready for seventeen minutes of hell.  here is this self-described-asshole on VH1 Storytellers rambling and free-associating all kinds of insane bullshit. 

some things you will hear one of the dumbest men ever to hold a microphone say while a computer auto-tunes his voice:

- he thinks he is an "artist" and he thinks he "sings" for some reason. but far more perplexing is that he thinks he is a "real person".
- a death threat, live from the stage.
- the "microscope" metaphor over and over.
- OJ Simpson is "amazing".  no really, think about it, wasn't he?
- monkey squeaks?  what was that?
- why you shouldn't be afraid of homosexuals (but you should use the word "gay" derisively).
- that Kanye West is simply a vessel for god to literally speak through, and that he is therefore not responsible for "half" of what he says.
- and more!


kiemzi said...

i didn't know "inspirement" was a word. maybe i should read less?

Anonymous said...

yeezy taught me. genius