Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Crucifucks - Wisconsin

this is another Perfect Album.

the Crucifucks were extremely antagonistic and polarizing as a punk band, just imagine when they added elements of psychedelic rock. extreme beauty and ugliness, extreme misanthropy that would scare your average black metal band, as only Doc Dart and company could pull off. this is a masterpiece of not only punk rock but rock music in general. every song is perfectly imperfect, every song is GREAT. there is not one single song on this album that is lacking.

this is easily the band's opus work and it should be viewed as equal or better than any of the classic punk albums you may be familiar with. the Dead Kennedys had sarcasm in their political message, the Crucifucks had violent misanthropy in theirs. Black Flag were hatey, the Crucifucks were hatier. Doc's singing is like a trapped animal eating your face to get out. just take my word for it, this is as good as it gets.

just remember:

This is not Disneyland, This is not punk land, This is indian land.

When The Top Comes Off

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neil said...

thanks, great pick...i've been meaning to dig into some crucifucks and this looks like a perfect start.

ahem said...

be sure to let me know how much you love it

Brendan Love said...

I loved this when it came out and I still love it. I have never heard Doc Dart's solo material.

Caroline Blevingfuck said...

I wanted to write a blog post about The Crucifucks (and Doc Dart, post-Crucifucks) and then I realized I only have one of their albums.

Anonymous said...

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