Monday, May 25, 2009

[Soundtrackage] Bits of Phantasm

From that seminal horror classic Phantasm, today we venture into two bits of its soundtrack, by Fred Myrow (who is probably better known for his excellent soundtrackage of Soylent Green) and Malcolm Seagrave.

The first track is 'Tender Interlude' which evolves into the main Phantasm theme - eat your heart out, J. Carpenter.

tender download

The second track, 'Phantasm Atmosphere', is the sound you hear in a room containing an interdimensional gateway to a planet with much higher gravity than ours.

atmospheric download

Right, so.. who's going to touch the poles?



ahem said...

nice music - the first one is slightly reminiscent (to me) of the classic Goblin soundtracks, maybe because of the harpsichord. i'm going to have to remember to watch this movie

qrter said...

Yeah, I hear what you mean, regarding Goblin.

You really do need to see it - it's insane in a good way.

The sequels (for there are many) get progressively more silly (but are still fun to watch), but the first one is an actual Good Movie.