Thursday, May 28, 2009

Francis E. Dec

Francis E. Dec (January 6, 1926 – January 21, 1996) was a U.S. lawyer from Hempstead Village, New York, disbarred for fraud in 1959, and later known for the bizarre socio-political tracts of conspiracy theories he mass-mailed to the media, often denouncing a "Worldwide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God"[1] mind-controlling mankind. Considered a paranoid schizophrenic of the influencing-machine delusion kind, he is often[2][3][4][5][6][7] referred to as a "kook".

In 1985, Boyd "Doc" Britton (then a newscaster for the radio station WZUU in Milwaukee, now the talk show host "Doc on the ROQ" for KROQ-FM) received a stack of Dec's flyers mass-mailed to the media;[33] in 1986, he made a spoken word recording of himself reading five of Dec's rants over various background music selected and mixed in at random.

and that is what these recordings are. there are two common versions that you'll find online: the ubuweb version and the kenny g (wfmu) version. i am posting the ubuweb version because it seems to be slightly longer, but the kenny g version gives the tracks these titles (i don't know whether they are "official" titles or where they came from):

The Secret To Save The Entire Human Race
Demanding A Re-Hearing (Finish Him!)
Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy
Hangman Rope Sneak Deadly Gangsterism
Undetectable Extermination

ubuweb just labels them as "rants". the other difference is that the kenny g version includes a bonus track called "Three Young Seekers Consult Mr Dec Regarding Frankenstein Controls Before Being Dragged Away To Extermination". it is apparently a recording of a bunch of teenagers visiting Francis E Dec in his hospital deathbed and they ask him questions. it is not terribly interesting because Mr. Dec does not utter a single word in it.

anyway, if you want to hear the most insane run-on sentences you've ever heard in your life, get ready... this is like hearing a hypnotic, wtf/lol marathon.

Solely Mr. Dec exposes False God Sodomy and Gomorrah of you Worldwide Computer God parroting puppet gangster slaves. Make copies for yourself you hangman rope gangster scum-on-top. Laugh your mad giggle now.

or here


Venetian Snares - Americanized (with sneak-deadly computerized frankenstein Dec Speak)

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