Monday, June 22, 2009

two early live shows by The Slits

posted these years ago on another blog but i just came across them again and decided to share with the awesomest crue. 320k mp3's this time

in case you didn't know, punk rock was intended to be loud, sloppy, fast, and played by teenage girls snarling with completely uninhibited, vicious energy. and to be sure, some of these songs are done so sloppily, they barely resemble the studio versions. that doesn't matter, because what these performances lack in accuracy is made up for a hundredfold by the sheer confidence and unencumbered passion they project.

this is very beautiful music. beautiful as ten pogoing punks covering you in spit.

includes: 1977 Dingwall's, Camden Town + 1978 Action White Hart, London + one song from 1977 Islington


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