Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mekons - Journey To The End Of The Night

in my imaginary 1988 movie about a dark pub scene of revolutionary communists who love and live in a rainy, dreary, nameless town in some part of the british empire until they are at last discovered by police and have to choose between suburban retreat and ending in a blaze of glory (it has a happy ending), The Mekons provide the entire soundtrack from start to finish.

words i would use to describe the Mekons: romantic, timeless, universal.

City Of London



qrter said...

Very nice. Never heard any Mekons before, I have to confess.

I like your movie idea - it's now an official recurring feature, I say. Although it won't just be a Mekons soundtrack, we'll just have to deal with that.

ahem said...

thanks, i look forward to your movies.

just fyi this is a late-period Mekons album and it's worth checking out their 80's material as well. "The Edge Of The World" is actually my favorite Mekons album... but i like this one too.

neil said...

shame i haven't heard of them before. nice find.