Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ramses Shaffy - Zachtjes lokt het water

Who wants to hear a song in Dutch? I'll ignore the deafening silence and plod on regardless.

Here's a song by a Dutch '60s troubadour called Ramses Shaffy (his mother was Egyptian, hence the name). A typical product of the '60s, Shaffy was primarily a stage actor who became famous as a singer, eventhough he was a raging alcoholic. He now spends his final days in a resthome suffering from Korsakov Syndrome (although he still performs now and then).

The song is called Zachtjes lokt het water, which roughly translated means The water beckons softly - a song about someone contemplating suicide by drowning himself (and trying to lay the blame on the water! LOLOLOLOL!!!!).

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ahem said...

great post!

qrter said...

I'll try and find some more Dutch music that isn't shit. Might take a while though..