Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Masaru Satô - music from The Incident At Blood Pass

once again, interesting music ripped from the movie, i don't have info on these. Masaru Satô was a very famous film score composer who worked on many classic Japanese movies you've probably seen, such as High And Low, Goyokin, Throne Of Blood and Yojimbo.

these two pieces appear at the start of the film Machibuse aka Ambush aka The Incident At Blood Pass. the first piece of music is really the exciting one to me because the sounds are so strange and the music is so unique. it has a great effect when you see the atmospheric opening shot of the dark, wet forest and you hear this alienating music... the second piece begins with Toshiro Mifune's narration as he braces for the adventure to come, and then the opening credits roll.

not a bad movie, but not one of my favorites of Mifune's. there was some really sloppy fight choreography and i found the antagonist character to be too unsympathetic to give him the pass you're meant to in the ethically-nebulous story. i found this music to be really interesting though, so here it is.

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Aaron Held said...

thanks for sharing, just watched the movie loved the music, this movie was definitely not a fighting samurai/ronin movie, but I think more focusing on the characters and the incident, your right fighting wasn't the best the ending didn't lead up to anything spectacular.