Sunday, March 22, 2009

new feature: Music Links

this is my new Blog Feature where i connect the dots between the ages, influences, stealings and tips of hats.

a long time ago (like maybe 8 years ago), i came across a Melvins bootleg where buzz introduces Tipping The Lion as a ripoff of a song off the b-side of Solid Gold. "listen for it."

i checked it out and much to my surprise, it was very obvious: A Hole In The Wallet. not only is the bass riff lifted but the lovely drum riffs as well - listen to the crashy cymbal sounds. however it is not really a ripoff, the riffs have been mutilated and retooled into something much different. but you can distinctly hear the homage that is going on.

Gang Of Four - A Hole In The Wallet (Solid Gold, 1980)

Melvins - Tipping The Lion (Stag, 1996)


qrter said...

Ooh, features! We're doing features! I have my soundtrack feature (I Drink Your Soundtrack) and now this! Awesomest is going into young adulthood..

I think we also should make the 'Re:'-thing a regular feature - hearing a song someone posts regularly reminds you of something else, which you then can post under the 'Re:' marker, if you will.

I need to have a liedown, I'm so excited!!

ahem said...

that's a good idere - i will do that in the future!