Friday, February 27, 2009

What people do when it's almost weekend

People always go "ooh!" and "yay!" when it's almost weekend, so let's do that.

I didn't like The Darjeeling Express that much but I did like hearing The Kinks' Powerman again. So let's start the weekend by hearing Powerman again and perhaps go "ooh!" and even "yay!".


ahem said...

great album!! U WIN!!!

qrter said...

Thing that keeps impressing me about The Kinks is how their music still sounds very fresh AND is fun. Which, I feel, the Rolling Stones (to name a bigger '60s band) weren't/aren't/isn't.

ahem said...

yes, qrter, i completely agree. they stood the test of time! and they were much better than most of their pop contemporaries to begin with.