Monday, December 14, 2009

Null And Void

i am here today to alert you to a glaring omission from your music collection.  an obscure, bizarre band called Null And Void.  i know very little about them except that they were active in the early 80's, combined a variety of different styles of music, and that experimental, lo-fi productions were often integral to the music.

"Christ, I love this!"

whatever you call this kind of music, it is one of my favorite kinds of music.  this band is one of my best musical discoveries of the year.  an album that ends with a drum stick count off? of course it is great.

two things here:  Montage Morte & Possibilities (Discoverable Thoughts) 
thanks to the blogs i found them on

and some favorites:


The Motorcycle Song

The Philosophy Song

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neil said...

this is phenomenal.