Thursday, September 17, 2009

#300: Music Links Special Feature

everyone knows the song Cherry, Cherry written and popularized by Neil Diamond in 1966.

but most people probably do not remember this song by The Move, performed on The Top Of The Pops (not sure of the date but it was performed some time between 1967 - 1971).

The Move was a fantastic band but they certainly did like to borrow elements from other bands and songs. you can tell from the title alone that this is probably their most blatant rip-off. i cannot find info on any official release containing this song, so i assume that it might have been a live-only track (not sure about that though).

Neil Diamond - Cherry, Cherry (1966)

The Move - She's Got The Way To Groove It (circa '67-71)


qrter said...

Never even heard of Cherry, Cherry!

ahem said...

seriously? well it's a very famous song, but it is really old. maybe it didn't make it to europe?

qrter said...

Yeah, we're fine with the Black Eyed Peas and Akon, but we draw the line at Neil Diamond.