Thursday, July 9, 2009

In Heaven

i don't know of any movie scenes that have been covered or referenced more often by bands than the singing chipmunk-faced lady scene in Eraserhead.

"In Heaven", the song sung by the Lady in the Radiator, has been covered by Bauhaus, Devo, Norma Loy, WC3 (à trois dans les WC), Haus Arafna, Miranda Sex Garden, Annie Christian, Pankow, Pixies, The Sherrysa-Whore, Desolation Yes, Bang Gang, Helios, Donny Who Loved Bowling, Forgotten Sunrise and Tuxedomoon. Indie rockers Modest Mouse borrowed lines from "In Heaven" for "Workin' on Leavin' the Livin'", as did the anarcho-punk band Rubella Ballet for their song "Slant and Slide". Scottish 1980s band Win! covered the Lady in the Radiator's song as a B-side on their 1986 hit single "You've Got the Power".

here are just a few examples:

Tuxedomoon - Heaven (From The Film Eraserhead), (1981)

Rubella Ballet - Slant + Slide, (1981)

The Pixies - In Heaven (Lady In The Radiatior Song)

Zola Jesus - Lady In The Radiator, (2009)

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