Friday, December 12, 2008

Thin Lizzy

Thin Lizzy are, to most people, unfortunately inseparable from their later hits like - cringe - The Boys Are Back In Town... but their first album found them at the peak of their songwriting, with incredible standout tracks like Look What The Wind Blew In and Return Of The Farmer's Son... right from the beginning of this album, you realize it isn't going to be a typical 1971 hard rock album. the band immediately sucks you into this other time and place, at times with a pastoral feeling. in my opinion, Lynott's ability to explore different modes and innovative melodies was perhaps his greatest contribution to rock music. very few bands were able to come as far as thin lizzy did on their first album alone. this is music that is technically-proficient, yes, but the point that appeals to me the most is that these are terrific songs. lots of great music to be found here, with subtle tinges of humor and attitude balancing out any aloofness you might expect from something that borders on early prog. this is some of the best songwriting of this period in music and it is all too often overlooked. this includes their New Day EP which is just flawless!


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