Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Robyn Hitchcock - Gene Hackman


Author: Robyn Hitchcock
Alternate Title: Don't Talk to Me About Gene Hackman

Released on 5 records:

Elixirs & Remedies, 2005 (DVD) Scotopia Pictures 206891
Elixirs & Remedies, 2002 (Videotape) Scotopia Pictures 206891
Inflatable Hitchcock 2, 2000 (CD) [none listed]
Jewels For Sophia (advance), 1999 (CD) Warner Brothers 2-47433
Jewels for Sophia, 1999 (CD) Warner Brothers 9 47433-2

This version was performed live and appears on the Elixirs & Remedies DVD. Gene Hackman is going to be in my city for a book signing Thursday. If that weren't enough, Asheville is also the home of Andie MacDowell.

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Tree said...

I watched a Syd Barrett documentary with Robyn Hitchcock in it, and he managed to be as effortlessly wacky as Syd and just about as riveting. I really like the guy.